Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Company

Good day!

It's been a while since the last post - much to talk about on limited time.

HzG has left his previous company to forge out on his own, enabling a bigger focus on energy performance and customer service. It has been quite a ride getting started - from departing a group that HzG had been with for 4+ years, to discovering more about people, to re-energizing.

The first few weeks saw HzG battle collusion, bad-mouthing and loyalty. The loyalty piece blew the collusion-bad mouthing combo OUT of the water. HzG has to thank everyone that listened and understood. OK, enough about that...

BIG things happening in Ohio in 2009. It appears that the energy budget will be increasing by up to 40%, enabling HzG and crew to provide additional comfort and savings to that many more people. The biggest issue moving forward is the ability of the various government programs to meet the demand. In order to get more people service, there needs to be more inspectors - and the state is in dire need of inspectors. Hint to anyone that suffered a layoff in this past year - contact Weatherization agencies and inquire about becoming an inspector (fair salary, paid training).

Take care all - and we'll touch base again in the new year!