Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bouncers and Coolers


Jekyll here...

This week, hZg ran into a scenario where I wanted to punch someone in the eye-socket. My crew lead calls me from a job site concerning a distressed client. This client was threatening him (a poor choice, for my crew lead was an ex-bouncer - however one of THE nicest guys you'll know).

Due to final blower door numbers not hitting target, the lead investigated an area of the house where air could be felt moving. The lead lifted a drop ceiling panel, having dust drop from the air onto the kitchen counter top and the dishes in the strainer. The husband (aka Control Freak of his Wife) shouted "What ARE you doing?! You're making a mess out of the kitchen and now my wife has to do the dishes AGAIN!"

Poor "F-in" baby. This house was no castle, however we put homes in better condition each time we leave than when we arrive. We also stay at every home and search until our target numbers can be achieved. I told my crew lead (who was wise enough to call me from outside of the house, out of earshot) - "You are the bouncer, I am the cooler. Be nice until I tell you it's time to not be nice." One of my all-time favorite lines. The crew lead got the point (and pictured me, bald hZg with a mullet - that seemed to lighten the mood) and explained to the male Helen Keller that not only will we clean the kitchen but we'd do the dishes again - once we solved the air leakage problem. It made the guy semi-happy to know that my crew lead groveled - once again "Be nice, until it's time to not be nice."

Moral of the story - some people just are pieces of...not-so-nice-humanity. Treat them fair and as if they were just having a bad day. If this doesn't work...punch them in the eye-socket.

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